So what is this? Another photography blog?

Well, yes and no.

Atelier 47 is a photography blog. But not just any photography blog.

We strive to have the best content and cover all the subjects that we find relevant in photography: from salt prints and wet plate collodion to digital photography and post-production. Or even video.

Here, we’ll talk about the technical stuff – like shutter speeds, apertures and lighting diagrams – but also the things that lie under the surface. From time to time we’ll have a few interviews with some photographers, which will allow us to understand their workflow and the reasons why they do what they do.

We’ll also have some posts focused on the abstract and conceptual part of photography as well as some of our own photography projects.

If you’re looking for some fancy reviews of the latest and greatest digital equipment money can buy, you should probably look somewhere else. Sorry.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for some photography related in-depth discussions, theories, projects and the occasional “how to do this or that”, you are (hopefully) in the right place and we sincerely hope you like the blog.

Will you feature other photographers’ work?

Yes. As long as they allow it, of course.

Can I submit my portfolio for you to share in the blog?

Not at the moment, but soon. Stay tuned because we plan to make that happen really soon.

And what the heck does that name mean?

Well, you see… an atelier is a studio, so that part is pretty obvious, right? And 47… well, 47 is the atomic number of Silver. Which used to be the main component of photographic images until pixels came along. Pretty smart, huh? No? Oh okay then.