The drinking camera – A cheap point and shoot to carry around everywhere

Two years ago, before the world closed for repairs, I got myself a cheap point and shoot 35mm film camera. The idea behind it was I wanted a camera that was cheap and easy to use, so I could carry it everywhere without thinking too much about it or worry that it might get lost/stolen. I call it my “drinking camera” because this is the camera I take with me when I go out for drinks (which, to be fair, hasn’t really happened since Covid-19 hit).

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On shooting couples (migrated post)


There are some people out there who specialize in this. I have a couple of friends who do it all the time, actually… But I had never tried it myself until a few months ago. I did it for fun and on two separate occasions. A couple (both of them really good friends of mine) who needed a portrait of them with their dog and another one who just wanted to have some fun and have some cool shots at the end of the day. Both were really quick — first one took about 15 minutes from start to finish, including setting up the lights and packing everything up and the second one took 90 minutes in total but we shot 3 different locations. Continue reading

Are photography projects ever finished?

I have a very busy mind and as a result, I’m always thinking about the next photography project. My brain keeps getting new and exciting ideas and I end up storing some of the old ones in the back of my mind.

As a consequence of this never-ending process, I start a lot of different projects all the time. Some of them end up printed, some go on my website and some others never really take off. And then there are some projects that start out promisingly but end up being relegated to second plan, on behalf of others. I usually add a small note at the end: “Ongoing project”; “Unfinished”.

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